April 19, 2019 br4dl3y

The Joy of Doing Nothing

The next time someone asks you what you are doing tomorrow or over the weekend, tell him or her you are doing nothing. The baffled look on their face will give you an insight into how confusing and uncommon it is to do nothing. To make no specific plans, have no obligations, no “To Do List” to get through, in other words no scheduled activities.

We tend to live in constant motion both physically and mentally. Even if we are sitting still we are looking at our electronic devises, talking on our cell phones or planning some future event. This constant activity can negatively impact our emotional and physical well-being. Your brain needs a rest as much as your body.

In reality – we are never actually doing nothing – if we are breathing we are doing something. The nothing I’m talking about is carving out some space in your life to just enjoy the world around you and step away from the need to be productive and engaged all the time. A rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit.

Doing nothing for me could be sitting for 15 minutes every morning and enjoying the quiet. An undisturbed bath with lots of bubbles is also a wonderful way to do nothing. A peaceful walk without conversation, even if it’s just around the neighborhood, is calming and restorative.

Your initial reaction to the thought of doing nothing is probably that you don’t have time “to do nothing”. It may not take as much effort as you think to work this into your daily routine. How much time do you spend watching television, looking at Facebook, Emails or over extending yourself for outside social activities?

Take a little time away from any or all of these engagements and put it aside for You. Don’t even think about feeling guilty, you are replenishing yourself and everyone around you will gain from your enhanced well being.

The next time you make your “To Do” list for the week don’t forget to include “Nothing” at the very top.