April 19, 2019 br4dl3y

Don’t Miss the Moments…

I’m a list maker – everyday I add to and cross things off my lists, but the lists never seem to get any shorter. At the end of the day I can look at my list and feel really productive because I’ve crossed so many things of it.

Not being measurably productive is hard for me. I have actually completed a task that was not originally on my list and gone back and put it on my list – just so I could cross it off! (I can’t believe I’m admitting that).

Everyday life has a lot of moving parts and the better we are at managing all the pieces, the smoother the ride. But sometimes we can miss some amazing moments because we are too busy doing rather than just being… in the moment.

Recently, I was visiting with my grandchildren and we were sitting outside when a flock of ladybugs arrived on a windy day, (I say “flock” because it sounds so much nicer than infestation). There were ladybugs everywhere and my granddaughter was both thrilled and fascinated with all of them. She spent about 30 minutes absorbed in everything these little bugs were doing. She watched them crawl around, land on different pieces of furniture, got super excited when they would fly, or land on her and was clearly enjoying every minute of it.

It was such a sweet experience to watch her lying on the deck completely happy doing nothing but watching the ladybugs. This was a great opportunity for me to be with her in her moment. It was so wonderful to be completely engaged and participating in the fun my granddaughter was having. (I had a brief urge to pick up toys or show her how to tie her shoes – but thankfully, I resisted!) I’ll have that lovely memory long after she loses her fascination with bugs (unless, of course, she becomes an entomologist).

Not every moment of our day needs to be filled with a measurable outcomes or a task completed on the never-ending To Do List we all have.

We need to remind ourselves that sometimes doing nothing can be priceless. Take advantage of those unscheduled moments when something delightful presents itself and just be fully present. Moments make memories.

I smile every time I see a ladybug.